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RG Materials manages a portfolio of parcels available for providing material suitable for use as fill for roadway embankments/subgrade as well as within building areas. Our flagship mining property is strategically located within 5 miles of downtown Savannah, the Savannah Port and Interstate 95; and 5 miles from the last leg of the Jimmy DeLoach Parkway. The site is the region's premier resource for material for our clients' existing projects, future projects in the pipeline and beyond. RG Materials operates on a platform of stability and agility and is capable of serving select fill material needs in a variety of capacities.

Products & Services

  • Select Fill*
  • Topsoil
  • Disposal of Dirt or Aggregate**
  • Recycling of Concrete or Asphalt
  • Outdoor Equipment Storage

    *suitable for roadway and/or structural fill
    **no larger than one foot in diameter, no construction debris, no hazardous or contaminated material


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Contact: info@rgmaterials.com, 843.815.4300 (ph), 843.815.4301 (f)

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